How to Build Your Own Website With Absolutely ZERO Coding Knowledge, Development Skills or Design Experience

designing website without code

Building a website can seem like a daunting task for many. Most people assume that websites have to be built by a web developer or website designer who knows Java, CSS and HTML. While these skills are helpful for those who want to build a complex site, there are ways that even the least tech-savvy person can build his or her own website, without using any code language at all. You’ve probably heard the infamous phrase “there’s an app for that” coined and trademarked by Apple some years ago. These days, this couldn’t be more accurate; and Apple isn’t the only solution. There seems to be an app or online solution for just about anything today, whether it’s tracking your steps without even lifting a pencil or ordering 3 large pineapple pizzas at the the touch of a button. You would think that with all this technology at our fingertips there should be something out there that can help us build a simple website without having to get a degree in computer science or paying thousands of dollars, right? You’re absolutely right; and there is a way! Actually, there are nearly endless solutions available, and we’ll cover a few of them here.

#1: Build a Website with Wix

Wix is a great platform for those who want to build a simple, yet beautifully designed website. Wix’s simple drag and drop solutions make it easy for you to install various elements into your website. Building a simple business website or e-commerce store is easy with this platform. To get started, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up for an Account
  3. Choose a Type of Website
  4. Select a Template
  5. Change Your Details
  6. Update Media
  7. Add Different Elements
  8. Repeat for Each Page
  9. Add a Blog (If Applicable)
  10. Include Your Products (For E-commerce Stores)
  11. Publish Your site

#2: Design a Media-Rich Website with SqaureSpace

SquareSpace is another great tool for anyone who wants to build a website with no coding knowledge whatsoever. You can even register your domain through SqaureSpace as well, so you can avoid using third party registrars like GoDaddy. Like Wix, SquareSpace is easy to setup and manage for any user. It is ideal for anyone who has tons of photos or videos to showcase on their site, such as wedding photographers or freelance videographers, as SquareSpace displays images in an aesthetically pleasing way.

  1. Go to
  2. Search for your domain
  3. Claim your domain
  4. Create an account
  5. Choose a template
  6. Customize your pages and content
  7. Publish your site

#3: Build a WordPress Site Using Theme Templates and Plugins

If you’d rather not pay a monthly subscription fee or just prefer to use a fully customizable open source content management system, then WordPress is the way to go. If you’ve ever tried building a WordPress website in the past and failed on an epic level, don’t get discouraged. As they say, “if first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” In order to build a beautiful WordPress website without using any code, you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Install and Activate a Theme Template – this is without a doubt the easiest way to build a WordPress site. WordPress default templates come standard to any new WordPress site; however, you’ll want to use a template that is compatible with the page builder plugin of your choice (see below). Once you’ve bought your domain, set up hosting and installed WordPress (we’ll explain how to do this in a later article), login to your WordPress dashboard at Simply navigate over to the left side bar after logging in and go to Appearance > Themes. Choose one of the available themes or upload your own theme by clicking ‘Add New’ and ‘Upload Theme’ (Highly Recommended: search on Google to download themes that are compatible with any of the page builder plugins below and upload it to your WordPress site). Once your theme is installed and activated, click ‘Customize’ under ‘Appearance’. This will help you customize your header, menu bar, footer and other elements. To customize a web page, go to the page and click ‘edit’, or install a plugin and click ‘edit with [plugin name]’. For more details on installing and configuring plugins, see below.
  2. Install and Activate a Page Builder Plugin – To install a page builder plugin (or any other plugin, really) scroll over ‘Plugins’ in the left side bar of your WordPress dashboard and click ‘add new’. Search for “page builder” and install and activate the plugin of your choice. The top 3 most popular page builder plugins are:
    1. Elementor (our favorite)
    2. Site Origin
    3. Beaver Builder

Although Site Origin and Beaver Builder are powerful page builder plugins, Elementor is hands down our favorite because it is more customizable and has better designs. Elementor’s free version lets you customize just about any element on a page, with page templates, page sections and much more available. With the Pro version, you can choose from tons more templates, install premium elements, and even type in custom CSS to give your website that extra shine. Our friends at MetaPixel, a Boise web design company, recommend it, saying that it streamlines the web design process without having to input code manually, but still allows for complete customization down to the smallest detail while still providing the option for custom CSS input functionality.